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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Danger of "A Munch" for Your Breast Growth

How often have you experienced hunger, but were too busy or too lazy to have a proper meal, so you mindlessly reached out to take "a munch" of junk food?

If you are reading my blog, most likely, quite frequently!

The funny thing about this little munch is that somehow, your hunger seems to disappear for a while with just a tiny bag of potato chips, a single sugar cookie, or even by having one or two candies!

A quick search on MyFitnessPal shows that a handful of M&M's (15 pieces to be exact) also ONLY
has 52 calories! Why would you eat a 500-calorie meal when you can stop your hunger AND consume so little calories to stay thin, right?

That was exactly my thought in my 20s. Yes, I was super skinny at 42.5kg (~93.7lbs), but I was also a 32AA...no boobies what-so-ever.

What you should also notice in the case of M&M's is that besides the 52 calories per 15 pieces, there's absolutely no other nutritional value to them.

For a breast-growth starter: what protein = 0g for 15 pieces of M&M's means...sorry, no boobs for you!

Protein is not the only important substance in foods that you need to look for, but it is one of the most important ones concerning growing breasts (and any other parts of your body for that matter!).

Consider eating 15 pieces of M&M's as a "food luxury" when it comes to growing breasts. They're something nice to have, but they are in no way a necessity or even beneficial for natural breast growth.

Before you take a munch of some junk food to calm your hunger and go about your day, make sure to realize what you are about to eat! I'm not against eating junk food...in fact, I love potato chips and cookies and chocolates...I eat them every single day.... I highly support junk foods, actually, for some tiny fraction of your mental happiness!

What's important is what else you consume throughout the day.

Would you eat proper, nutritious meals once you've calmed your hunger to nourish your body with essential nutrients and vitamins?

Are you constantly taking munches of junk food that you're never hungry enough to eat a full meal, ending up in multiple skipped meals?

Do you let your day go by with solely taking little bites here and there, only because you can?

Don't let that seemingly-negligible eating habit keep you from increasing your breast size.

Every time you eat, it's an opportunity for you to grow bigger breasts naturally.

Choose your foods and portions wisely, and your breasts will grow!


  1. Hi Yumi. Could you post a suggested diet sheet for best chance of growth

    1. Hi Madfored! Sure, I can do that! But just to clarify what you want...do you mean like a list of food items to eat, or like a meal-plan sort of thing? If you eat well, there is no best "chance." They will grow, though it will take some time. :)