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Friday, June 8, 2018

Your First Step to Naturally Growing Bigger Breasts

Naturally Grow Breast Size

The 3 fundamental factors for my natural breast growth method are nutrition, blood circulation, and hormones. Many of you have read this and decided to start growing bigger breasts yourselves! Then thought...but how exactly do I start this?

In the next few posts, I will give you a step-by-step instruction on how you can and will start your journey of natural breast enhancement. Hopefully, by the end of this series, you too will realize how all three things intertwine with each other. So let's get started!

I constantly mention in my blog for all you Boobinhas to continuously eat nutritionally-balanced meals. This is the nutrition aspect of the fundamental factors, which also happens to be the most basic needs for us humans! We consume and utilize food to supply our bodies with nutrients to keep ourselves alive. Nutrients also help to grow and repair our body cells. Without necessary nutrients, our bodies will not be able to function properly, moreover to grow and repair.

What this means for your breast growth is...if you want to grow bigger breasts, it's not enough to eat "something and anything." Just because you're eating something and you're not starving doesn't mean you're consuming the proper nutrients necessary for your physical growth. Your breasts are a part of your body; if your body needs nutrients to grow, it also means your boobs need nutrients to grow too.

You need to eat with a purpose!!!

I used to eat an entire bag of potato chips (FYI, American size) and drank a couple of bottles of beer or glasses of wine every night for "dinner." I wasn't starving; I actually felt quite full. I was able to maintain, sometimes even lose some of my weight without working out, so I suppose that in itself was quite amazing. Does that sound like I was consuming "proper nutrients necessary for my body" though? Probably not!

The first step to naturally growing bigger breasts come from realizing what you're consuming on a daily basis. Everyone sort of knows what they eat day to day. But you can't sort of know if you want to be proactive about growing your breasts naturally. You have to really know it. When you realize what you're putting into your body (or not), you can start making necessary changes to eat nutritionally-balanced meals. Don't worry, you're still going to be able to eat junk food and drink alcohol! I'm not ashamed to admit I eat way too much chocolates and cookies every day....

What you need to do for your very first step:

  • choose an app on your phone/laptop/iPad/wherever else you can keep a list
  • paper/pencil would work just fine too
  • for the next 7 days, you need to keep a record of every single item you consume; this means from 5 cups of coffee loaded with cream and sugar in the morning to a massive bowlful of chocolate ice cream you eat right before bed!
  • try to be as precise as possible on the amount of each item you ate
  • try to be detailed on what was in the meals (i.e., vegetarian chili with a little bit of cheese and a glob of sour cream on top)
Is this too time-consuming, difficult, and tedious for you? Well then, you can almost certainly be sure that you will not be able to naturally grow bigger breasts because this is just the beginning of your breast growth journey!

If you can at least start this task (and hopefully continue for 7 days), then congratulations! You've taken your first step to naturally growing bigger breasts!

What did you think about your daily food intake? Leave a comment below, or better yet, please share a sample of what you ate today! You can also e-mail me a week's worth of your dining through the Contact page so that we can discuss them in the second step of our breast growth journey!


  1. Yay a new post!;) thanks anyway, so any tips what to eat? I believe if it works with you i gonna try it too.

    1. Hi Angel! Yes...the biggest tip on what to eat is to eat well, eat real food, don't skip meals over junk food, and make sure your meals actually contain a source of protein (meat, dairy, beans). It's so easy to consume meals loaded only with carbs, fats, fiber, etc. with no significant source of protein.

      Hence, this post as your exercise to realize what you're really eating! I'd be interested to know your eating habits, so get back to me with what you ate today!!! :)

  2. I currently eating no meat, dairy, limited intake of fruits, fermentative food and sugar diet, so basically just vegetables cause i have a sickness that make me have to go diet, dont worry it is not big like cancer, i have a yeast infection for 1 year and I have to diet, so far the yeast infection begin to dissapear i just try it for 3 days till now, and i will go with this diet for 1 month to see the result, I also read it actually can take for 6 months, but let's see for 1 month later, so when i go this diet, i gain the source of protein from chia seeds, and i ran out of stock while chia seeds is rare here, i want to search for soya milk without sugar, but it is damn expensive here, I guess now I have to search other alternative, any ideas to gain source of protein? How about tempeh?

    1. Hi Angel! Where are you located (curious to know where chia seeds are rare and soy milk expensive!)???

      Is that diet like a legit one, recommended by a doctor??? If not, isn't it easier, faster, and safer to go to one and get some medicine prescribed? According to the U.S. Department of Health: https://www.womenshealth.gov/a-z-topics/vaginal-yeast-infections

      I know you said you're not eating dairy, but yogurt *may* prevent it per this website (though I know you already have it), maybe you can eat yogurt for a source of protein? I highly suggest Greek yogurt for breast growth.

      Tempeh is an excellent choice and source of protein!!! I personally only tried it a couple of times, haha!

  3. Hahaa i am frm indonesia, no soymilk not expensive, just to buy the instant soy milk without sugar yes is expensive, and chia seeds is rather rare just to buy that mostly from online shop,lol. Anyway thanks for really make an effort to search for it :D amyway i am on 2 months for massaging but the diet is really messed up xD

  4. And tempeh is realy really cheap and one of our favorite dishes here teehee~!

    1. Hi Angel! I'd be very interested in some authentic Indonesian tempeh dishes. If you can share some recipes with me, I'd like to try some! Please e-mail me: givemesomeboobs at gmail.com (at=@)!!!

    2. I have manyyy!!!😁 i gonna translate and send you some recipes

    3. Okay, looking forward to them!!! :)

  5. Hello! Your blog is great and im looking forward to getting the desired results.
    Just wanted to know if Flax seeds would help to increase breast size?

    1. Hi! I don't know if the flax seeds-anything helps to increase the breast size as I never tried/believed it. My quick search on Google says that one of the reasons why flax seeds are thought to increase breast size is because of its phytoestrogen nature.

      If that's the case, I recommend soy milk over it. The reason is that in my natural breast growth method, I believe that one of the most important "ingredients" is the daily, steady consumption of an adequate amount of protein. 1 tablespoon of flax seeds seems to give you anywhere from 0-2g of protein, whereas a cup of soy milk can give you anywhere from 7-12g depending on the brands (and for lesser caloric intake!). It also has phytoestrogen property as flax seeds do, if it makes you feel better. :)