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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Grow Your Breasts, Not Your Waist!

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UPDATED on 7/8/2018

Today, I want to share with you one of the biggest challenges I faced during my natural breast enhancement regimen.

Just like everyone else and for the longest time, I was convinced that your breast size was predetermined by genetics and the only way to grow them were to either gain weight or to get pregnant (latter I can attest to!). I had no idea that breasts can actually grow by changing your lifestyle and dietary habits. 

I always loved to eat anything and everything but managed to stay thin and somewhat in shape most of my life. Despite my love for good foods, I rarely ate. Cooking solely for myself seemed pointless, so I would end up eating junk food here and there and would skip a meal or two almost every day.

     *On a side note, you do know the difference between being thin and being in shape, correct?

I also loved (still love!) to drink wine and beer, so my "meals" were often times an entire bag of American-sized potato chips, a bar of my favorite chocolate, and a couple glasses of wine/bottles of beer. I was still thin (but not shapely!) because those would be my only caloric intake for the day.

A few years ago, I had an epiphany as I was reading about breast development. If I want to grow bigger breasts naturally, I need to consistently eat proper, nutritionally-balanced meals that are high in protein.

This was the start of my personal, biggest challenge!!!

As my realization turned into a passion/obsession with a secret hope and expectation to grow bigger breasts by all natural means, I made sure I ate 3 HUGE meals a day, blindly eating every food item considered to be rich in protein...lots of meat (especially steaks), dairy, and beans, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY...and I don't even like eating meat all that much...!

I didn't know exactly how much protein I needed to consume on a daily basis for the breast growth, but I knew I had to pack my body with it! During this time, I didn't forget to eat my potato chips, chocolates, and drink alcohol. They made me happy, and happiness is essential no matter what you're doing in life.

My new eating habit naturally made me gain weight each and every day, quite literally. I gained a total of 16lbs (~7.3kg) in less than a month!!!

Um...sure, my breasts grew a little, but so did my waist, by A LOT!

How I Grew My Breasts Naturally
All taken during 32C bra size period
Left - 10/30/14 (before going crazy)
Middle - 5/24/15 (after packing my body with "protein")
Right - 12/10/16 (after realizing that weight gain 
 big breasts)

That is when I realized...I'm trying to grow my breasts in a totally wrong way!!!

I was eating the right kinds of food good for increasing the breast size, but I was simply overeating in an effort to develop them fast!!! (But there is no shortcut, Boobinhas!)

Portion control becomes very important when you start to eat more food regularly. There is no way around eating food for true, natural breast growth, as nutrition is one of the 3 fundamental factors. If you only want to grow your breasts but not your waist, you need to be mindful of what and how much you're putting into your body.

I was eventually able to grow my breasts to 32D (and more when I got pregnant) while slimming down on the waist, but not without a constant reminder to eat in moderationMy husband assures me on a daily basis that I'm consuming more than enough protein, so I don't need to try to eat so much, or that I shouldn't eat until I'm totally stuffed....

Tonight, when I showed the above photo to my husband, he laughed out so loudly that the water he was drinking almost shot out from his nose. Since he's such a nice guy, he told me that I probably look more "prominent" in the middle one because the photo is a bit blurry. LOL!

Originally written on 6/14/2016


  1. Hi Yumi! I have some questions for you I love your blog it’s extremely informative. My apologizes if they have already been answered. I do have many questions but I hope you answer them all.

    1.) Did you massage your breasts by right hand on right boob, left hand on left boob? In a counter clockwise direction? Any oils or lotions?

    2.) Have you ever eaten flax seed for breast growth?

    3.) I have heard breast slapping is very popular for natural growth in Taiwan. Have you ever tried it before?

    4.) How long and often did you massage your breasts? What would you recommend?

    5.) Where did you find that breast massage increase size?

    Thank you so much for taking your time to read my silly questions, do you know any other bloggers or you tubers whom have successfully grew their breast from proper diet and massaging?

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you for your message. No question is a silly one. I'll try my best to answer them all! You better read everything I write though! Haha! :)

      1. This is a bit tricky. If you're talking about the circular motion thing, then I put my right hand on the left boob, and vice versa, counterclockwise with your hand against your body. Someone asked me for a video as it's difficult to explain by writing. Please give me like 2 more weeks to work on it. I'll link it back here when I do!

      2. No, not with a purpose to grow my breasts. I've eaten them when they were sprinkled on top of things though. I've never eaten anything that's popular with "natural breast enhancement foods" except for soy products for the purpose of breast growth. I eat a lot of tofu, (now) drink quite a bit of soy milk, and consume other soy products partially because a lot of food from my original culture utilize these a lot, and partly because I think it's beneficial for breast growth both from phytoestrogen and protein-intake aspects.

      3. I've never tried breast slapping. What I can *maybe* try to guess where this is coming from...as you probably already know, I emphasize good blood circulation as one of 3 fundamental factors for naturally growing breasts. When you slap anywhere in your body, it temporarily increases the blood flow to the area. However, this method sounds very painful...gently massaging your breasts can improve the blood flow to your bust area without pain, so I suggest that over slapping...! :)

    2. 4. I massaged every single morning until I reached 32C. When I did, I stopped massaging completely for almost a year (I think I massaged once or twice, it's in one of my Boobs Growth Diary) because I got a bit lazy, bored, thought maybe it's not necessary to massage every day for growth, and stress/business from work and life. To my surprise, my breasts stopped growing from there on for a long while. When I resumed massaging vigorously, twice a day, my breasts finally grew to 32D in a month. So, now I really believe breast massage is an integral part of being proactive with natural breast growth. I still massage my breasts from time to time because I think it's necessary for maintenance.

      5. I read it everywhere! When I was reading a great deal about breast development, I realized that sending nutrients to your breasts is essential for growth (as is any other parts of your body). But then I also found out that your breasts don't get that much blood flow compared to most parts of your body (only less than 8% of your total blood volume!). To increase the circulation in any area naturally is to massage that part. So then I concluded that breast massage is crucial for increasing size for those of us that weren't lucky to have our breasts grow on their own.

      I don't have any blogger/YouTuber that I follow. However, it was (and probably still is?) a huge thing in Japan many years ago. A lot of businesses were talking about how so many women in their 20s/30s/40s grew their breasts (and some 50s) with before and after photos. They were talking about eating nutritious foods and massaging, but I was very skeptical. I saw a lot of bloggers talking about how their breasts grew. Then I thought, why would so many people start blogging about it if it wasn't true, as it's so much work!!! But I never saw anyone *in the process* of growing. Naturally, I was still skeptical. Haha! That's when I decided to look more into human breast development as well as other animals like cows...yes, I read (okay, more like glossed over) some scientific papers about cow breast developments!!! :) Anyhow, since I'm someone who gets bored very quickly, I decided to see if I can start an "on-going experience" blog to commit myself to this natural breast enhancement stuff. And well what do you know...my breasts grew. :)

      Hope this helps. I can't emphasize the importance of persistence though. If you do it here and there and flake out, your breasts are not going to grow. You have to really stick with it!!!

    3. p.s. I realized later that those bloggers were trying to make money through affiliate marketing...by recommending these businesses as a proof of their breast growth, they get paid if someone purchases the products through their website. So I'm sure there were some, maybe even a lot, of people who wrote blogs without really ever succeeding at breast growth. I think that's why I was super skeptical that they always only had before and after photos, and never "during" photos. :P That's part of the reason why I always wanted to include my body measurements in my Boobs Growth Diary. I'm a bit more open now, but I originally never intended to post my boobs photos in my blog. :)

  2. Hello Yumi! I have 2 small questions to ask.

    1.) Can it become smaller? A friend of mine massaged her breasts and she said that she massaged them by squeezing them, pushing it to her body a little, and massaging in circular motions. She said that she thinks they got smaller when she started to massage them around 3-5 days ago. She claimed she went down an inch,

    2.) What massage technique is the most efficient? I'm afraid to try and squeeze and massage in circular motions, because my goal is to make them bigger not smaller, Do you have any good tips?

    I appreciate it very very much that you took your time to read my questions, again haha, :)

    1. Hi Sarah!

      1. I don't think squeezing the breasts would not be so good for the skin or for the breast tissues. Does your friend measure her breasts exactly the same way, every single time, standing in front of a mirror? From my past experiences, measuring even a quarter inch above/below/slanted where you measured last time makes a HUGE difference in the outcome. I always measure standing in front of a mirror, checking both from the front and side to make sure I measure exactly the same way. It always takes me a good amount of time to measure and remeasure to get the consistent results so that I know that's where my current measurements stand! But the most definitive way for me to know was to really pay attention to every single detail of how your breasts looked and felt against your hands, and noticing the slightest of the changes. This method gave me more confidence in the fact that my breasts were actually growing than using the measuring tapes.

      2. Um...sorry, I told someone on my 4-minute breast massage page that I will make a short video on how to massage my breasts but have yet to get around to it!!! I have been doing the same massage on that page for the past 4-5 years, and I definitely think one of the most effective motions has been the one in the circular motion! Think of it like this...the point of your massage is to get the blood flow going to your bust area, it's not to...squeeze, slap, punch and whatever else. When you massage in circular motions, it shouldn't hurt, you should feel good like giving a good massage to your legs and arms kind of things. Use lotion/oil to your liking (it doesn't have to be fenugreek like everyone says!!!) to help your hands glide smoothly over your skin for the entire duration of the massage.

      Love hearing from you. :)