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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Boobinha Q&A #4: How Long Should I Massage My Breasts for Natural Growth?

Breast massage and natural breast growth

Q: How long should I massage my breasts for natural growth?

I recently have been getting a lot of e-mails about two specific things regarding breast massage. They somehow always come in a set!

1. How long should I massage my breasts?

2. What oil should I use? (Or along the line of "Is so-and-so oil good for breast massage and help them grow?")

Though I've already answered this topic in the comment section here to a Boobinha a while back, I decided to make a separate post as I continue to get asked, and I'm sure not everyone checks every single comment on every post. Today, I will answer the first question.

Natural breast growth and blood circulation
Wikipedia: Circulatory System
The most important reason for massaging your breasts for growth is to improve the blood circulation to the bust area. This is to ensure that all the necessary nutrients and hormones for natural breast growth get delivered there.

Good blood circulation is one of three fundamental factors that I emphasize for natural breast growth, and it's important to realize that blood does not circulate throughout your body in the same manner. Only less than 8% of your total blood volume goes to your breasts, according to a physiology tutorial by the University of Minnesota.

What does this mean?

It means that your breasts are not the first and foremost (and not even the second or the third for that matter!) place for your consumed nutrition and secreting hormones necessary for breast growth to get delivered to!

Why do I bring this up?

Because that should answer the question of how long one should massage her breasts!

It's not about "how long" or "how many times." It's about...did you successfully increase and improve the blood circulation to the bust area?

I routinely perform my 4-Minute breast massage, which can be done in 4 minutes as the title suggests, but I usually like to take a little more time to enjoy the act of massaging. By the time I'm done with my massage, both of my breasts feel warmer, which is a sign that I've successfully improved blood circulation to the area. My breasts also feel fluffier and softer to the touch!

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Don't get obsessed about completing certain time or sets.

My breast massage post suggests the numbers that I came up with that I personally felt comfortable performing every single day for yearSSS, which consistently gave me good results for the purpose of breast massaging...increasing and improving the blood flow to the bust area.

Trying to grow bigger breasts naturally is a fun activity; it's not a chore. Though I admit there were times I got frustrated/bored/too busy for it, overall, I truly enjoyed the relaxation this daily massage gave me, and hopes of bigger breasts in the future was an exciting one!

The real challenge and the importance of breast massage are whether or not you can continue it long enough (in terms of days/months/years) for your breasts to start and to keep growing.

I get too many e-mails from Boobinhas who want to grow bigger breasts but refuse to take the time to do breast massage because it didn't seem to help after a day or two of massaging.

Natural breast growth takes time and patience. It takes years for girls going through puberty to grow their breasts, so why would your breasts, presumably post-puberty, would grow in a week?

Instead of asking how long you should massage your breasts, try to come up with your own routine that you can stick with for long-term, on a daily basis. It's not going to do anything if you massage your breasts 200 times, 5 sets a day, and stop massaging after a week.

Do you have any routine, rituals, or items that have helped you to continue and enjoy your breast massage? If you do, please leave a comment so that I can share them with those who get bored or discouraged!

Happy New Year, Boobinhas! Here's to more happy boobs-growing in the year 2019! :)


  1. Hello! I came across this site and I am so happy to have a lady with real amazing results that's kind enough to share her experience and tips. I cannot thank you enough! I just have one question. I'm a C cup and would like to go to a D or DD. But most of all, I'd like to change a bit the shape of my breasts, make them round and perkier. Do you think massaging them could improve their shape into a rounder one? Any tips for achieving this goal? Thank you:)

    1. Hi! I'm glad you came across this site too! :) First off, not sure if you got professionally fitted for your bra, but if you haven't, there's a high chance that you may already be a D or DD. Most women (80%, I read somewhere!) just assume that their size is so-and-so without getting fitted. So if you haven't yet, do get your breasts fitted. I bring this up because I believe in wearing the correct bra size to improve the shapes of your breasts. Please refer to/search for my post, "Shape Your Breasts!"

      I've also come to realize that the structure of a bra is important too. Often, bras have cups and underwires, and that is it. However, the Bradelis NY bras I always talk about have some extra side boning that I feel give the stability to their bras and also keeping the boobs meat collected in the cups. Please refer to/search for my post, "Boobs Growth Diary #7: Wardrobe Cleaning" and compare the side views of Bradelis NY bras to the other brands. You can see that Bradelis NY has some extra thing going on the side. I'm not suggesting that their bra is the only one I recommend. All I'm saying is that in my experience, having that extra side boning kept my spread-out fat into the cups much longer to be "reshaped." I'm sure there are other brands out there with something similar, I just haven't had the chance to go out and look! Let me know if you find one. :)

      Massaging your breasts are always recommended, especially if you're looking to grow them. I don't know for sure if they improve their shape. For shape, I strongly recommend wearing a fitted bra that keeps your breasts meat collected in the cups throughout the day.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Thank you so much for your kind and detailed reply! I actually did get professionally fitted here in Europe and I'm 32C and sometimes I might fit into a D, although the cups are not full. I have read all your blog posts these days and I feel so luck to have found it. I remember you had a post about gaining fat on the lower part of the breasts and that's what I want, I think this could improve the shape a bit too. I will try to follow all your advices and report back, I have already bought soy milk, although I've never tried it before. The most trouble I have is with sleep, always seem to get less than 6 hours, but I'll try to get better at this. Thank you again. If you find or discover any tips for making the breasts a bit more round and full, please make a post about it!

    3. Looking forward to hearing back about your results!!! If you don't like soy milk (after trying), don't force yourself to drink it, okay? There are so many other food items that are rich in protein. Breast growth journey should be fun and interesting, not painful or like a chore you must finish.

      Sleep is important! Not sure if you're busy or a total procrastinator like me, but do try to sleep a little more.... :)

  2. Hello! I stumbled across your page recently and tried your suggestions for a week now and it's working wonders! My breasts are starting to grow now. If you have any other tips, please do share them with us ��

    1. Are you referring to the breast massage? ^^

    2. Awesome!!! How did you first notice that they are starting to grow? I would also be interested in knowing if this was only through the breast massage or through changing your diet too. If you can, please e-mail me through the Contact page! Please keep us updated. :)

  3. Hello, Yumi!

    I am sorry if this question has been asked before, but does it work with any human race? I mean, I am Japanese and we are known to have mostly tiny boobs. Mine are A cup and I am very self conscious about my breadt size. Can it work for me as well? Have you heard from women of other races that managed to grow their breasts successfully?

    If this helps, I am 22 years old. I'd like to reach C-D cup.

    Also, does protein + blood circulation work to increase butt/thigh/hips size as well? Perhaps with workout? I have a bit of thighs and butt, but my hips seem kind of weird (dip hips)... I would like to fix my body completely to be honest, nut starting from boobs and butt!

    Thank you so much! ❤️

    1. Hi C! Of course, it can work for you too. :) It worked for me in my mid-30s, so certainly at 22!

      I think the topic of race is interesting, but that's a bit out of my comfort zone. I've heard from a couple of my blog readers that they were able to successfully grow their breasts, but it never occurred to me to ask about their ethnicity. I've always asked for updates but have not gotten any photos/details to confirm yet...

      Protein is a necessary nutrient and an essential building block to growing/repairing/maintaining tissues. So you need it for your body to grow. Overconsumption can lead it to turn into fat as well as may have other adverse effects, so don't overdo it by taking protein supplements. However, I suspect that the majority of my blog readers are under-eating food in general, and certainly not enough protein.

      If you want to grow your butt/thighs/hips in a shapely manner, then consuming *enough* protein and other nutrients to support your bodily growth along with exercising can change their shapes! I've always worked my butt out because I want a nice, round butt. But when I couldn't work out for a few months after giving birth, my butt literally sagged!!! Now I'm back to trying to get my shapely butt, but I haven't been able to workout as often as I'd like...

  4. Hi Yumi, thanks so much for posting your tips! I'm a european girl of 21 years, and I'm just about to start using your recommended strategy. I've changed up My diet drastically by cutting out coffee and switching it for maca root, aswell as starting to eat meat again, which I haven't eaten for 7 years, I also take queen bee jelly for hormonal balance & make sure to eat regularly. Thus far no obvious changes other then then having a boost in energy,better sleep and less anxiety/depression which I've struggled with for about seven years as well. Was wondering if you have any experience with or knowledge of how/if depression affects breast growth? I am really exited to try this so thank you once again.

    1. Hi! I was also a vegetarian for about 7 years before and during my doctoral studies (which I quit after 8!), and I was always anxious and depressed and had zero boobs at the time! Sometimes I look back and think that had I been on a better diet, I may have actually pushed through and finished it. I don't regret quitting at all, and there were so many other factors that kept me in that mind state during those years, so who knows, but I now know for sure that I was doing a serious disservice to my breasts!

      I'm not a doctor or an expert, but I'm convinced that anxiety/depression do affect one's breast growth in various ways. To name a few: bad sleep (good sleep is necessary for proper secretion of growth hormone and your overall hormonal balance and health), indigestion (where will your breasts get nutrients to grow?), bad eating habits (who really thinks about healthy eating when we're down?).

      I'm glad you're seeing positive changes in yourself. You're not going to see any breast size change first, as unless you're pregnant and expecting, your breasts are not the most important parts of your body. Your body now realizes that it's getting a steady stream of energy coming in, and it will use all the nutrition for the vital body parts that were previously being "starved" from lack of food.

      Once you start to eat regularly and be on a healthier diet, you will never be able to go back to what you used to do! That is also when you will start to see changes in your breasts. I can't imagine going through the entire day on bags of potato chips and beers/wines anymore. How did I survive???

      Good luck, keep me posted on your progress. :) If you're interested, please read my most recent blog post. I'm looking for volunteers to participate in my breast growth program (just getting started).

  5. Dear Miss Yumi,
    I would like to start breast massaging with olive oil. However, I have one concern.

    Will the effects of massaging disappear if I stop doing it for a while after my breasts grew? Will it revert back to its original size?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi! Immediately after the massage, your breasts will "grow" temporarily. That's due to increased blood circulation to the bust area. This effect will wear off in a couple of hours or so.

      However, if your breasts *actually* grow from continuous massage/change in diet (if you're eating poorly now) and lifestyle, then no, they will not go back to a smaller size.

      Which is one thing you really want to think about. Once your breasts really grow, they will not go back. There were some instances where I missed having smaller chests...like I can no longer wear some of my favorite clothes I have, or I now look hideous in certain cuts of dresses that I used to love.

      For me, the grass was truly greener on the other side, and I enjoy having bigger breasts as a whole, but remember that it may not always be for everyone!

    2. Truly appreciate your advice!

      I have A cup size and I wish I could step into that greener side of grass. I have low self-esteem when I started to have consciousness of my breasts size. Although my boyfriend always says he doesn't mind it, but I want to improve my body curve for him!

      I will start massaging everyday! (Finally have the time to do so due to my college stuff). I think I will take some fenugreek supplements as well.
      Looking forward to the results!

      I should have found your blog sooner as my waist always grows faster than my boobs. Love to try the greek yogurt recipes you shared!

    3. What a great boyfriend! :) And I totally understand how you feel...that's exactly why I originally started trying to grow bigger boobs...for my husband!

      Do try to massage. But remember, your body needs proper nutrition to grow. Unless you're pregnant, your breasts are not the first and foremost places to grow, so if you're under-eating or not eating well-balanced meals (high fat/carbs, low protein, for example), they're not going to start growing, massage or not.

      As for your waist, once you really watch and change your diet, your breasts will grow more than your waist. If you haven't read it already, I think under my "Boobs Growth Diary #6," I have all the percentages of how much I grew in various body parts before and after my breast growth. Overall, every part increased in size by up to 5% (as expected, as I was super under-nourished!), but my breasts grew by 15%!!! Don't even think about cutting fat and carbs out of your diet, but try to eat slightly more protein than fat/carbs if you want to keep your waist growth to a minimum but growing boobs efficiently!

  6. I stubled across your site less than a month ago, when I suddenly got especially huge period boobs and loved them so much that I googled is there any way to grow your breasts naturally. I've been 34C all my life except two pregnancies but lately there has been some sagging :( When my period was finished, I started my massage routine: twice a day, 5-60 minutes per session. I also bought an electronic massaging device that does the trick while I work at home. Now after one week they already feel fuller, and not only after massage. As if there is some extra tissue growing. They also feel more sensitive and feminine, and when my fiancé caresses them, it feels even greater than before. I'll definitely keep on massaging.

    1. Awesome, this gives me hope for my sagging breasts! I'm confident that one's breasts can grow through the methods I'm proposing, but I have yet to experience un-sagging my breasts after breastfeeding personally. I've started back up on massaging a few days ago. Please keep us updated on your progress. But a quick question...did you really mean to write 5-60 minutes, or was is supposed to be 50-60 minutes, or 5-6 minutes...or just really, there's that much variance???

    2. Yes, I meant 5 to 60 minutes. I don't have time to massage them 2 hours per day! Although the electronic massaging device feels very addicting :) (And I'm not going to tell my fiancé that I'm trying to grow my breasts... If the fullness increases more and he notices, I'll just blame some crazy female hormones!) 60 minutes is easy to reach, I just work alone with computer, one hand occupied massaging my breast, of course switching, and the other one is left for computer.

      I've also ordered some cream and pills but massaging will be the core of my growing process. Massaging feels so good and makes me feel feminine, I wish I had found this years ago :)

      I have two kids, I had them by the age of 26. Both breastfead. The sagging started when approaching 40. I just turned 43.

      Yes I'll keep you updated! I'm not going to measure, though. If my bras start to feel small, I'll notice. And no goals here, just want more fullness and perkiness. I've always had a nice hourglass figure with a super flat tummy, I just want the breast to match better the rest of my body, and my fiancé to have a lot more than a handful whem he touches them.

    3. You don't have to measure them, what you feel and see are more important. While I was still trying to grow my breasts in the past, I realized that noticing small changes against my hands and fingertips were sure indicators that they were growing, rather than the numbers on the measuring tape. They had to grow quite a bit to show the differences on the tape.

      Be careful not to over-massage...you can possibly hurt/damage your breast tissues. The most important thing about massage is that you successfully increase the blood circulation to your breasts, and not about how long or how many times you massage them!

      Looking forward to your updates! :)

    4. Hi again! Now I got my pills and two separate creams and I've been massaging almost every day. Last weekend we had a party and I skipped two days of massaging. Yesterday, when I woke up, I noticed some grow. Now my c-cup is a bit too tight and some of the sagginess has vanished! It feels so lovely to lean to my fiancé with my new bosom while we sleep. Maybe it's important to have off days from massage.

      Have you tried breast creams? I presume they contribute to my now less saggy self.

    5. No, I NEVER used any breast creams or pills in my breast growth journey. I simply don't believe them and did not want to mess with my body in any way that's not natural. I always just used things like olive, almond, apricot, coconut oils from a supermarket. Nothing special, just something I can make sure my hands can glide over my breasts well. Definitely NO pills what-so-ever...you can grow breasts without either of them! :)