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Monday, February 25, 2019

This is How to Grow Your Waist, Not Your Breasts!

Natural Breast Growth, Nutrition, and Weight Loss

If this is your first time visiting my blog, please at least take a glance at my previous post before proceeding to read on. It's important for you to realize that my breasts have grown to 32D *prior* to being pregnant and that you do not dismiss my breast growth as a mere result of pregnancy. Thank you!

For those of you following my blog for a while, you would know that one of the 3 essential "ingredients" for natural breast growth is nutrition. I have tried to tell you on numerous occasions that skipping meals and/or eating junk food in place of real food are two of the biggest offenders if you genuinely want to grow your breasts naturally.

I have taken this to my heart and have been following my own regimen for a few years now. It still gets difficult at times, especially with an almost-one-year-old!

A couple of times a week, the lunch hour right before I go to work becomes extremely hectic and chaotic. I have a crying baby demanding food every second while I hurriedly get ready. I need to dress like a normal human being, tame my tangled hair that has bits and pieces of sticky things, put on a minimal amount of make-up to look like I slept 5 hours, all while trying to stuff food in myself and feed the screaming baby....

So last week, I had no substantial lunch to eat during this hour because I forgot to prep my meal the night before. I ate a small bowlful of potato salad, if you could even call that (it was supposed to become some that evening), by throwing some mayo on top of boiled potatoes/carrots/a huuuge chunk of broccoli stem. I wish I had taken a photo of that for you all, but obviously had no time!

I was starving when I came home after 2 hours. Naturally, I craved sugar and fat, and the result of my gorging was this:

Naturally Grow Breast with Proper Nutrition
Not pictured here but still went into my tummy:
some organic tortilla chips and loads of pre-packed guacamole from Costco

Here are the breakdowns of what I consumed by the item name/total calories/total protein:

Kettle Brand Backyard BBQ potato chips/150 cal/2g
Element Organic Dark Chocolate Rice Cake/80 cal/1g
Peatos Classic Cheese/130 cal/4g
Michel et Augustin Milk Chocolate Carmel x 8 (um...what!!!)/360 cal/4g
Tony's Chocolonely Dark Chocolate/70 cal/1g
a handful of Haribo gummy bears/76 cal/2g
Costco chocolate chip cookie/210 cal/3g

I consumed an approximate total of 1,076 calories, and all of this gave me a total of mere 17g of protein (excluding tortilla chips and guacamole). In caloric comparison, that's like eating 652g of chicken breasts according to the Google search under "chicken breast nutrition facts." That much chicken breasts could have given me a total of 202g of protein!!!

     *For a breast-growth starter...protein is a much-needed nutrient to growing body parts, and your breasts are your body parts...don't forget that!

In turn, had I eaten 17g of protein worth of chicken breasts, I would've only consumed about 90 calories, which is only about 8% of the total calories from all the junk food!

This is beyond a significant loss of breast growth opportunity while staying lean, Boobinhas!

To top off my utterly, completely, junkiest of the junk food day, I ended it by eating some leftover steak, orange-zest asparagus, and LOTS and LOTS of frozen (but organic!) tater tots in place of the potato salad I was supposed to make. I'm not even going to talk about the deep-fried tater tots; it's self-explanatory, isn't it?

This, Boobinhas, is how you grow your waist and NOT your breasts!

If you want a thinner waist but to grow your breasts, ideally, you'd eat foods low in calories but high in protein. Choose your food items wisely!

I did feel sick and weak by the end of the night from consuming too much fat and sugar and not much of "real" food. I didn't feel guilty though. Where's the fun in eating, if you're always limiting and controlling your food intake? As long as you're eating well for most days of the year, just let it be and enjoy your junk food days!

Does your eating habit resemble anything like what I had the other day? What kind of junkiest of the junk food day have you had recently? And most importantly, how often do these happen to you?

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